A better way to have an animated wallpaper on Mac!

I meant to do this post awhile ago, but forgot. This tweet of an animated wallpaper reminded me.



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10.2 Nyx, Lock+, OPW

10.2 status

waiting on WebCycript update


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Today I reached 10k

It feels good to reach milestones. Today I reached 10,000 followers on Twitter.   It’s strange how 10k is actually a milestone.

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Quality over quantity

Which do you prefer?  Would you want more of something or something that is of greater value?  As with many things this comes down to context.  What the “something” is and the purpose of the quantity.

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InfoStats2 – Cycript – Efficiency

As a community I think we’ve moved passed the need for external websites to get current information for weather for iWidgets. While there is still many (legacy) widgets out there the majority have moved to InfoStats2.  InfoStats2 is a tweak that pulls this info directly from the weather app as well as other information from the system. While providing a great API to retrieve such info.

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9.3.3 error failed in buffer_write(fd) (8, ret=-1)

What is it? How do you fix it?

The best thing to do with all Cydia errors is Google them. I know, I know everyone says google it, but it works. Ya know just incase you have another error you can’t figure out:)

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Beginners guide to jailbreaking. What is Cydia?

If you’re new to Jailbreaking you probably don’t know much about Cydia. Maybe this post will shed some light on what it is and how to use it.

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How to create this setup on 9.3.3


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Lock+ on 9.3.3

To get Lock+ working on 9.3.3 you will need a few things.

  1. The new build of InfoStats2  LINK (Now available in bigboss) You must have Cycript and WebCycript (link below) installed to install InfoStats.
  2. LockHTML (If you have previously purchased it you can download)
  3. Lock+ for LockHTML is on my repo LINK
  4. Modified version of WebCycript (I modified this until Saurik updates) LINK

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Widget fix Yahoo Weather


Recently we noticed that Yahoo Weather feed was taken down, or was it? It killed many of the iWidgets that used Yahoo weather, This ended up to be a lot of widgets, mainly because the widget script is copy and pasted to many different widgets.

The answer to fix these were to re-write the widgets. If you are not a coder the fix I post below is changed easily by anyone. Continue reading

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