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Recently we noticed that Yahoo Weather feed was taken down, or was it? It killed many of the iWidgets that used Yahoo weather, This ended up to be a lot of widgets, mainly because the widget script is copy and pasted to many different widgets.

The answer to fix these were to re-write the widgets. If you are not a coder the fix I post below is changed easily by anyone.

As of 4/12/16 this fix no longer works.

You can read my post here. Reddit post

I’ve noticed that if you change the old feed url, you could in fact still get Yahoo weather. Meaning you will only have to change 1 or 2 lines to fix these widgets.

I will explain the fix below, but first want to take a second to say these scripts are horrible. My advice it to use another method of getting weather.

IS2 (InfoStats2) is coming soon, and will allow you to grab weather from the Weather App. IS2 is the absolute way to go if you want to have the best weather. It will match all tweaks, the weather.app, and it will allow you to do many other great things.


Thread: http://modmyi.com/forums/file-mods/848650-infostats2.html

Once it is released I will do a tutorial series on how to use it, so don’t worry if it looks confusing now. I promise it is very efficient and easy to grasp.


Create your own. Parsing XML is pretty easy, if you are coding widgets I would highly recommend creating your own weather scripts. I have created one here, and it’s been running fine for years. http://junesiphone.com/libraries

WidgetWeather. Widget weather pulls weather from the weather.app, much like InfoStats2 will/does. The only difference is WW will grab the weather, store it in and xml, then you still have to parse that XML. IS2 will be direct from the weather to your code.

Now enough rambling and to the fix. To fix any yahoo weather scripts you will need to look to where the weather is. Most of these widgets have it in the main.js , inside the main.js you have the url, most of the time it looks like this.



var url = “http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=”+postal+”&u=f”;

You will need to change this url to var url = “http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/forecastrss?w=”+postal+”&u=f”;

That’s it, weather should work again.



  1. Find main.js or where the weather is.
  2. Look for any and all yahoo urls and change http://weather.yahooapis.com to http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/
  3. Save and check if it works:)

I will say again, don’t rely on this weather script. It goes down, and it’s 2016 we should be coding better.

Thanks to those who brought this to my attention, and the ones who sent me broken yahoo widgets.

Create widgets without coding them? Check out the Lock+ App, which allows you to create Lock+ themes as well as iWidgets directly from the device.



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  1. Yes it messed up our Kronos application server. And of course the people at Kronos support know nothing.

  2. please!!! is jailbreak available for iphone 6 running on ios 10

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