10.2 status

waiting on WebCycript update



Lock+ does not work as it relies on Cydget. (This is a legacy package)

Lock+ for LockHTML doesn’t work as it relies on InfoStats2 and WebCycript.

I recently added some IS2 API to Lock+ for LockHTML. Since doing that, it requires IS2. Note: It could be converted easily back to run on just WebCycript.

Once WebCycript is updated (more about that below) I can begin testing Lock+ for LockHTML. I believe the lockhtml version will be fine with only minimal changes.


You’ll start to see a common thing here when I say that NYX is waiting on WebCycript and InfoStats2 as well. These are big players when it comes to making complex widgets. Without system info like an app list, widgets that load apps have nothing to load. Nyx mimicking macOS it heavily relies on being able to transform your homescreen with this information.


Here is a current list of features.

  • Finder (double tap to show, type to search apps)
  • Terminal (you can mod Nyx from it’s terminal)
  • Widget Page (weather and music)
  • Moveable dock items
  • Notification Center (Shows apps that have notifications and previews them)
  • Calendar (tap date to show a widget on the homescreen)
  • Respring, Sleep, and even a close Nyx button which will close the widget.
  • Folders (Imports your springboard folders – swipe left on homescreen)
  • Recent apps (in the menu) keeps up with the apps you’ve opened recently displays 9 icons
  • Swipe up to reveal Control Center. Instead of bottom swipe up (like stock), it’s a little higher.
  • Battery, Signal, Wifi, storage stats
  • Paged App launcher


All other OPWs

You guessed it. They require WebCycript and IS2.  There is some light at the end of the tunnel.

@Matchstic creator of IS2 proposes to move away from WebCycript. https://github.com/Matchstic/InfoStats2/issues/8


@Saurik creator of WebCycript says: Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.26.35 AM


That’s where I am. I would love to release these new packages, but a little setback. Be sure I will update these packages as soon as the dependencies are met.

If you do want iWidgets there is a bunch in the Free iWidgets App from the Macciti repo. Most were made before the IS2 switch so work with iWidgets. You can use them on LockHTML but you may need to edit the width and height in the Widget.plist


My Repo (working on 10.2)


  • Screenshot
  • iDeviceWalls
  • Widget
  • ColorPicker



  • DarkLS
  • Diamond for LockHTML



  • NoSBLandscape
  • OPW Clear