Currently iOS9 i6 and 6+


You can get the Fused Beta from my repo http://junesiphone.com/supersecret


iWidget settings 

24hr – When enabled will show 24 hour clock instead of 12

PadZero – If enabled when a time such as 1:30 it will show 01:30

Celsius – Will show temps in celsius. Weather is configured by the weather app, to get your location enable location services and set the weather.app to current location.

Right Handed – If enabled the app menu will show on the right, off shows it on the left.

Default Music App – Chooses what app opens when you press play on the music widget.

Weather Refresh – Changes the time the weather will refresh

Notification Refresh – Changes the time it takes to check for new app notifications.

RSS Feed – Chooses the default rss feed, you can cycle through them in the widget.


Each page contains a banner image, you can change this image in var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/Fused/img/ they are named apps, home, music, and news.jpg.


Changing fonts

The font files are located in var/mobile/iWidget/Fused/css/  you can put your own fonts here, but name them as they are in the file.


The red line under icons in the dock shows that app has a notification.

Changing apps

You can change which apps are shown on the news page, and of course the apps page. To change the apps go to the apps page and click edit your apps. When you do this you will see a plus on top of all icons (you could go back to news page if you want) by tapping on the plus the app menu will show, just choose the app you want in that place. Once done press edit your apps again to finalize the arrangement.

Icon Requests

The icons are stored in var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/Fused/img/icon/bundles/

Icons are .svg this is (scalable vector graphics) which can be created with apps such as Sketch, AfterEffects, Inscape, and more. If you would like an icon created, send me an email from cydia with the bundle id of that app. If you do apply an icon on the app or news page, and the icon isn’t themed it will use the default icon. bundles/noicon.svg

Fused is similar to KLWP themes on Android. Using a single page to display a working “widget” A good example of what InfoStats2 can do. It was inspired by AILin.

KLWP theme – AILiN