Lock+ on 9.3.3

To get Lock+ working on 9.3.3 you will need a few things.

  1. The new build of InfoStats2  LINK (Now available in bigboss) You must have Cycript and WebCycript (link below) installed to install InfoStats.
  2. LockHTML (If you have previously purchased it you can download)
  3. Lock+ for LockHTML is on my repo LINK
  4. Modified version of WebCycript (I modified this until Saurik updates) LINK

Steps: Download LockHTML, Lock+ for LockHTML, Cycript. In that order.

Download the WebCycript deb, move it to your phone (can put in root /) Install the deb you can do this by opening up terminal and typing dpkg -i /webcycript.deb or install using iFile.

Once installed download Matchstic’s new InfoStats2. Then setup Lock+ as usual in LockHTML. (Instructions are in the description of Lock+)

(Lock+ for LockHTML instruction from the description)

If you cannot open the menu. First make sure you did the above steps, make sure you have Lock+ selected in LockHTML, make sure you have widget position set to Above Notifications and hide the clock view in LockHTML settings .
I also have a bunch of One Page Widgets that will work on 9.3.3 you will need to have the new InfoStats2, webcycript, cycript, and iWidgets for them to work.


  1. I installed Lock+ for LockHTML the way it is explained here on your site, now yesterday I see Cydia came out with a version 1.0 initial release.
    My questions are; the version I have
    (v 1.3.5) is it done being worked on? And should I uninstall and install 1.0? Or is there a difference between them?

  2. Just to clarify as this is 9.3.3…

    Does this fix work for 10.2 Yalu?

    as infostats2 springs me into safe mode every time until i uninstall it

    also, trying to install lock + for lockhtml from your repo (v1.3.5) and it says “error: You must sign in”

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