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General Overview

LockPlus has two websites http://lockplus.us and http://lockplus.info

It also has one cydget called Lock + (this is what will be installed on the iPhone).

Important links

Most recent beta versions of LockPlus Cydget can downloaded through SuperSecret Repo

Public Version is in the Macciti repo on Cydia. Search Lock + or click here. Lock+ Macciti

LockPlus.us allows users to create themes and upload them to a server. Within the Lock + Cydget you can download these saved themes and use them as LockScreens.

The public theme list is not updated as soon as you make themes, they are first reviewed. Even though they are not immediately added to this list, you can still download them and share them immediately.

Getting Started


To create a theme jump over to LockPlus.us. Here you have a wysiwyg (What you see is what you get) editor. It allows you to place multiple elements on the screen, drag them around, change color, font, size, width, align, and everything you would need to design your lockscreen in a clean interface.


Once the lockscreen is designed, press the save button. It will ask you for your name and a name for your theme then save to the server. Once it is saved you will get confirmation and can immediately download it on your device. You also have a choice to tweet the theme you just made. The tweet will contain a direct link to your theme’s page.  Example: LockPlus preview page


On your device with the LockPlus cydget enabled, swipe left from the right side. A menu will show, press Download Theme and enter the name of the theme. The cydget will then download that theme and is stored on the device at /var/mobile/Library/LockPlus/.


After a theme has been downloaded you can enable it by pressing Load Theme inside the LockPlus menu. Swipe left/right to scroll through themes, and swipe up to load the theme.

Tutorial Videos

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