I meant to do this post awhile ago, but forgot. This tweet of an animated wallpaper reminded me.


Credit: https://twitter.com/enaudiin/status/909339001940615168

Stunning isn’t it.  You could download GifPaper and set a gif as your wallpaper, it adds a settings panel to your system settings and lets you choose a gif. Pretty sweet, but it’s horrible. After a few minutes your Mac will probably catch on fire.  Just kidding, but it does each up your cpu quick, too quick to be worth it!

So here is another trick. MP4! Yes convert that gif to MP4 then use the app Uebersicht and my script to display the MP4.


Install Uebersicht.

Uebersicht is a program that allows you to put widgets on your Mac home screen. I’ve used it for awhile now and have it running on Sierra 10.12.1

Find a gif.

A great place to find an amazing gif is http://kirokaze.com/ remarkable work.

Convert the gif.

The site https://ezgif.com/gif-to-mp4 allows you to convert the gif to mp4.

Download my widget

Once converted download my script for Uebersicht http://junesiphone.com/UebersichtMP4Widget.zip

Final details

Open Uebersicht on your Mac, you will see an icon in the menu bar. Click it and choose Open Widgets Folder. Unzip my widget and place desktopmp4.widget in the uebersicht widgets folder. Open the desktopmp4.widget/mp4 and replace the walking.mp4 with the mp4 you created from your zip. That’s it!

Let me know what you think and would you like more widgets for Uebersicht? Tweet Me! http://twitter.com/junesiphone