Quality over quantity

Which do you prefer?  Would you want more of something or something that is of greater value?  As with many things this comes down to context.  What the “something” is and the purpose of the quantity.

Let’s say you’re wanting to get into development. I would say quantity is what you should shoot for. You cannot start out knowing everything and to make something of great quality, you need to know the entire scope of what you’re attempting.


I’m writing this article because I want to get better at writing articles.  I have so much information passing through my head and to be able to share that in this form would be awesome.  I neglected doing this before as I just didn’t have an article that I thought was good enough.  This was my downfall, I shouldn’t hold out for something impressive or amazing to share my thoughts.


Build things, lots of things. Start with something small, it will be tough but that’s with anything.  There is a learning curve to everything.  If you put in the work you will get better and to get better requires repetition.  I’ve seen this, i’ve done this, and experienced what can come of it. It’s a good thing and is applicable for many different things.


Seems easy enough, but there is something hidden here. If you do something and you do that over and over to produce quantity, will that make you better at doing this something? No.  I do feel humans instinctively will not do something over and over the same way.  We change things along the way. I believe this is what helps in learning. Instead of repeating something over and over we will change it slightly over time.


Is the quality of practice what you should shoot for?  I believe so. Immerse yourself in what you are doing.  Spot your errors, think of how you made the error, and identify potential improvements you can make to not have such errors.  If you repeat this process you will gain confidence in what you’re doing.


Don’t let others get you down.  You will see this a lot as the world seems to live on the internet, where compassion seems almost non existent.  If you create something and share it, take negative feedback as positive feedback. There is always something to learn from feedback. You must learn what to take to heart and what to improve on. Look for that something to learn from the feedback you get. It’s sometimes very hard to find, but it’s there. Don’t ever let it get you down.


One thing I should work on myself, is starting an article with something that pops in my head, but then realizing at the end I need a conclusion. I will cheat this time and repeat a quote from Les Brown.


“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”


Thanks for reading.


  1. Will you be updating to iOS 10 JB?

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