It feels good to reach milestones. Today I reached 10,000 followers on Twitter.   It’s strange how 10k is actually a milestone.

With Twitter 10k marks a different milestone for me.  It’s the only time from 0 to 10,000 your follower count changes how it’s visually represented. 10,000 will now be 10k. It’s a small thing, but something that’s a certain change:)



Does the amount of followers really change anything?  It’s just been a number for awhile. A good one and a bad one. It goes up, it goes down. Some will follow you because you have a lot of followers, some now dislike you because you have a lot of followers.


Starting out on Twitter you could tweet and do whatever you want, but later on you must be careful what you say.  It’s easy for someone to claim an ego trip when you have 10k followers then it is when you have 10. Even though the thing you say/tweet could mean the exact same thing in both situations. Some are intimidated to tweet to you, and seem overly excited when you reply to them. Numbers I guess have a big impact on how someone perceives you, I don’t quite understand this one but seems true.  Other twitter accounts try to clone you by using your avatar or a similar name. This is a fun one (/s) and pretty annoying.


Things do change. Change is good, it brings something to learn and grow from. I’m thankful for the followers I have, and more so the followers that I interact with. They are the ones who keep me opening twitter and checking my mentions. It’s another high note to leave 2016 with. Now onto 2017!