One Page Widgets #OPW

InfoStats2 section on the repo

Unique and new interfaces to use on your iOS device. It's as easy as tap holding on your homescreen, setting your options, and applying a widget.

Coded with InfoStat2 these widgets allow you to open apps just like tapping an icon, there is no delay and animations are the same. Other info provied by InfoStats2 includes: Weather, SystemInfo, Media Controls, and much more.

Android has had this ability for a long time now with things such as KLWP and Themer. For that I have teamed up with a few Android developers and will be bringing more one page loveliness to iOS. I will update the images above as new ones come. If you are on Android check out the devs I mentioned above.

Apps JailbreakApps

Apps section on the repo

I host a few apps that help with your jailbreak life. Some include a Free iWidget Apps will allow you to download iWidgets directly on your device. A wallpaper app that applies wallpapers directly to your springboard or lockscreen. A screenshot app that allows you to create screenshots inside a phone frame (like seen above). Themebackup which backs up your theme settings (because themes are very difficult unlike one page iWidgets). Also the Lock+ App that gives you the ability to create lockscreens and widgets directly from your device.

SuperSecret Repo

Everything and more is located on my Paid repo. Yes I know paid, but don't run away yet.

The paid repo helps me put the time aside to create new and inovative things. I truly enjoy coding widgets/apps/websites for the jailbreak community. The entire reason for the repo was to be a place I can upload all my work and each time I create something, you the user don't have to pay for it. Instead you pay one price $10 and get access to not only what is now there, but everything I upload in the future.

The repo is free to install, with this you can look at everything that is there. I believe atm there is over 100 different packages. Take a look and see if it's for you. Enjoy!

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