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FrontPage loads custom springboard themes that totally change the look and feel of your device. Think of it like DreamBoard.

To apply go to settings and view the instructions listed.

Easy Setup:

Enable FrontPage

Select Top

Hide Dock

Hide Icons

Hide Page Dots


When on the springboard swipe down from the middle with 2 fingers

Need to know:

Setup weather by setting location services on, and setting weather to always

You can add your city to the first two weather app cities to insure weather works

Disable Iconoclasm (if installed) for icons to hide.

On any firmware below iOS 11 you MUST have Reduce Motion enabled in Settings/General/Accessiblity other wise FrontPage will disappear when an app is opened.

Themes can be downloaded from the FrontPage section on my repo.

Simple is the base theme included in FrontPage to change dock icons tap and hold the icon you wish to change, then select from the drawer.

You can use two finger swipe down to access FrontPage menu. Choose SpringBoard in the theme menu to return to a stock layout. Do not disable from settings.

iOS 8 - iOS13 (including A12)

No known conflicts

No requirements

Free download (No login needed)


· Fix issue if users didn't have a frontpage theme selected before updating

· Added steps and events

· Improved loading

· Performance changes

· Performance update for themes exported from LockPlus

· Fixed icons not showing for some themes

· Fixed double FrontPage themes showing on some devices

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