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LockPlus Pro is by far the best lock screen tweak on a jailbroken (iPhone). It has a large community and over 10 thousand downloadable FREE themes.

Install LockPlus Pro, go to settings and enable it, disable options such as time in the hide items section. Respring device.

When on the lockscreen Swipe down (From the middle) to show the LockPlus menu. You can download themes from the menu.

You cannot access the LockPlus menu when notifications are on the screen. This is by design!

You cannot hide the today view if using a language that flips the device screen (arabic)

Weather is pulled from the iOS weather app. You set your first and second city to your location in the weather app.

A manual is linked in the settings page to get the most out of LockPlus Pro

LockPlus is for iPhones only, while it may work on iPad all themes are designed for the iPhone

THIS TWEAK DOES NOT WORK WITH NoPassAfterRespring as it skips the lockscreen!

iOS 9 - iOS 14

textsyle, NoPassAfterRespring

No requirements

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· Added option to add more placeholders at once, which will ask if you want to add to a panel and will show the grid align option

· Fixed label on placeholder

· Added drop in panel. When an element is comes over a panel will dragging it will ask you if you want to add in panel

· Fixed issue when deleteing and re-adding elements to panels

· Added Width+Height for boxes and placeholders

· Added action to open AppLibrary for FrontPage themes

· Added action to open FrontPage themes menu

· Fixed interaction toggle on devices lower than iOS13

· Re-upload to fix triple tap volume up to disable/enable interaction

· Too many changes to list

· New Creator App in the repo app section.

· Added triple volume up to disable/enable LockPlus interaction

· Many creator changes and fixes

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