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LockPlus Pro is by far the best lock screen tweak on a jailbroken (iPhone). It has a large community and over 10 thousand downloadable FREE themes.

Install LockPlus Pro, go to settings and enable it. Respring device.

When on the lockscreen Swipe down (From the middle) to show the LockPlus menu. You can download themes from the menu.

A manual is linked in the settings page to get the most out of LockPlus Pro

LockPlus is for iPhones only

iOS 9 - iOS 12 (including A12)

Semperin, S8Edge, HomeButtonPlus, Edge (developer is looking to support it), ActiveDisplay

No requirements

Must login


· Fixed transparency on avatar

· Optimized external widgets

· Added new external widgets

· Removed unused files

· Added mtext2 (minute value in text eg. zero one)

· Added mtext3 (minute value in text eg. twenty one)

· Improved update timers

· Changed avatar to png (allows transparency)

· Added element name above style shortcut

· Taller widget menu

· Fixed creator sizing on XSMax

· Disable menu in games

· Uploaded new creator to the website

· Added shortcut menu to the styles menu

· Added info buttons to styles text in the style menu

· Removed menu extender

· Added copy all to copy styles

· Added Phillips hue controller to tools

· Added Lights and Groups elements to creator

· Added preview for included symbol fonts

· Added shortcut menu for fonts

· Moved symbol fonts to the top of the list

· Added more symbol fonts

· Fixed item showing selected after deleted from the screen

· Fixed top/left inputs not changing when a value is entered

· Added minor adjustment buttons to widgets

· Apply reflection when menu is shown

· Added text weather icon

· Fixed & sign breaking themes

· Fixed issue on 11.1.2

· Updated to arm64e

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