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LockPlus Pro is by far the best lock screen tweak on a jailbroken iPhone. It has a large library with over 10 thousand downloadable FREE themes.

Install LockPlus Pro, go to settings and enable it, disable options such as time in the hide items section. Respring device.

When on the lockscreen Swipe down (From the middle) to show the LockPlus menu. You can download themes from the menu.

You cannot access the LockPlus menu when notifications are on the screen. This is by design!

You cannot hide the today view if using a language that flips the device screen (arabic)

Weather is pulled from the iOS weather app. You set your first and second city to your location in the weather app.

A manual is linked in the settings page to get the most out of LockPlus Pro

LockPlus is for iPhones only, while it may work on iPad all themes are designed for the iPhone

THIS TWEAK DOES NOT WORK WITH NoPassAfterRespring as it skips the lockscreen!

iOS 9 - iOS 14

textsyle, NoPassAfterRespring

No requirements

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· Fixed issue with missing elements

· Improved swipe actions on FrontPage exports and enabled AppLibrary on swipe left

· Fixed crash after setting wallpaper through settings

· Added seekandplay option to lottie animations

· Added click action

· Added open drawer in fav or notifications actions

· Added option to change drawer default state

· Fixed badge auto color changing icon badge

· Fixed alignment issues with flipclock and added color option

· Adjusted opacity, scale, z-index sliders

· Allowed prefix and suffix on album, artist, and song

· Added outline color option

· Added reload when placing templates

· Fixed icon height showing width value and opacity not showing value

· Fixed scaling

· Added custom name to action panel

· Added back button to actions

· Fixed medwstring

· Fixed menu triggering add to panel

· Fixed element spacing on daydatemonth2

· Added dont dim device when input is showing

· Added new option in LPP menu to show a notification on the LS this is for testing

· Enabled LPP touch while notifications are showing

· Fixed issues with Quote elements

· Add option to move notification list on newer firmwares

· Changed LPP position so it shows while swiping up to unlock

· Fixed overlay in FP themes going invisible

· Added TICK weather icon set

· Centered badges on FrontPage themes

· Fixed issue when uploading and downloading wallpapers that dont exist

· Fixed issues with custom divs

· Fixed fonts on iOS 14.5.1

· Fixed steps

· Changed move all to be sliders

· Updated quick menu (enable in creator > menu > settings)

· Implemented an auto z-index for elements added

· Added text clip options for images on text

· Fixed daydatemonth element

· Added battery module

· Added padding top and bottom style option

· Replaced Discover button in theme section. This is now filter options, which gives options such as filters (categories), recent downloads, most downloads, and more.

· Added an option to set wallpaper from a theme without downloading and setting a theme.

· Enabled events elements

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